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Aluminum roofing sheet
Thickness: 0.2mm~1.5mm
Aluminum series: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3004,5052,etc.

Product Description

Corrugated aluminum plate, also known as aluminum tile. It is one of the commonly used products in architecture. At present, there is a trend to replace stainless steel and iron plate.
The commonly used models of aluminum tiles are: YX38-127-900, YX13-76.5-1150, YX35-125-750, YX25-210-840, YX18-76-836, YX15-225-900, etc. 

1,standard:ASTM B209,GB/T3880-2006,etc.
1000 series:1050,1060,1070,1100
2000 series:2024
3000 series: 3003,3004,3105
5000 series:5052,5083,5754,5005,5086,5083
6000 series:6063,6061,6082
7000 series:7075
8000 series:8011,8006,8079
3,surface treatment:wire drawing,oxidation,mill finish,mirror surface,embossing,etc
4,length:2000mm,2440mm ,6000mm, 10000mm, as required
5,thickness:0.2-1.5mm as required

Aluminum roofing sheet 098


Aluminum tiles, corrugated aluminum tiles are widely used in various construction industries and can be sprayed with PVDF paint or Polyester paint. The main colors are customized by customers according to Raul color cards. The commonly used colors are red, blue and white.

Aluminum roofing sheets can be used as roofs and walls in various plants, workshops, refrigerated containers and residential construction.

Aluminum roofing sheet 104

Strong point

First, since the density of aluminum is only 2.71 and the density of iron is 7.8, the weight of aluminum tile per square meter is less than 1 / 3 of that of stainless steel. The aluminum tile can reduce the cost of the enterprise and reduce the pressure of the bracket.

Secondly, aluminum has good anti rust effect. In the external environment, rain, sun exposure and heavy snow have little damage to aluminum, unlike iron sheet, which will rust quickly after contacting rain.

From the above two points, it can be seen that aluminum tile can completely replace stainless steel and iron materials to a large extent, and the cost is lower. It is a better material in the construction industry.

Quality assurance: Aluminum roof tiles can cope with all kinds of weather. The service life is long, and there will be no cracks, bubbles and peeling off in the ultraviolet radiation and cold and hot environment all the year round. The aluminum corrugated plate can cope with all kinds of bad weather.

Convenient installation: as a building plate, Aluminium roofing sheet is very easy to install. The construction of similar plank houses can be realized by only a few workers' installation teams. Compared with traditional buildings, the construction period is short and the installation is convenient. It is very popular in the markets of Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall

Detailed Photos

1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall

Packaging & Shipping


1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall



1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall

Our Advantages

1050/1060/1100 H14/H24/H18 0.5mm~1.2mm Corrugated Aluminum Sheet for Roofing and Wall

JINAN ZHAOYANG ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has the advanced testing equipments and builds up a professional scientific research team,strictly control the quality on each steps of production. including inspection on raw materials entry, product's color analysis during production,T-bend test, impact test, salt-spray test, tensile test and packaging testing on exported products , which ensures its integrated performance such as corrosion resistance, coating stickiness etc. and the safety of transportation.

Nowdays, economic globalization promotes international trade, and our products are sold to many countries and regions in the world.
This makes our products very popular not only in the domestic market, but also in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, New Zealand, Dubai, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries and regions, winning the trust and praise of customers and successfully moving from home to abroad.


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