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Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier Aluminum Coil

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Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier Aluminum Coil is the main product of Zhaoyang Aluminum Industry. It uses a hot pressing process to bond the Polysurlyn film and aluminum coil together, which cannot be torn off by hand and does not crack after 24 hours of water immersion. The Polysurlyn film is firmly bonded. After drying, it is the same as when it is produced.

The Polysurlyn membrane is made of imported polymer membranes, with a thickness of 0.076mm and a weight of 80g per square meter. It is pressed using a hot pressing process. It has the advantages of smooth and smooth surface, strong adhesion between Polysurlyn film and aluminum coil, and convenient construction.

Polysurlyn film embossed aluminum coil is a new product developed by zhaoyang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. in the past three years.

Why is it said to be a new product? Because the Polysurlyn film adopts a hot compress processing process, and zhaoyang Aluminum has conducted experiments. The processed aluminum coil covered with Polysurlyn film is soaked in water for 24 hours, then taken out and dried. The quality is the same as before, and the adhesion of Polysurlyn film is very strong.

The production process involves first applying a Polysurlyn film to the aluminum coil, followed by embossing, which further enhances its strength and anti-corrosion performance.

At present, there are very few domestic manufacturers that can produce aluminum coils coated with Polysurlyn film. After 5 years of exploration, zhaoyang Aluminum Industry has now achieved excellent product quality for aluminum coils coated with Polysurlyn film, with 80% of the products used for export.

Polysurlyn film aluminum coil is a new type of material that our company specializes in, mainly used for anti-corrosion and insulation engineering, and exported to foreign customers, especially pipeline insulation engineering in Middle Eastern oil countries. Our company exports 1000 tons of Polysurlyn coated aluminum coils annually, which is highly praised by users both domestically and internationally.

Why is it necessary to composite a layer of Polysurlyn film on the surface of aluminum coils? The anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum coil itself is relatively superior, and the composite layer of Polysurlyn film greatly enhances the service life of the aluminum coil. It also has a certain adsorption effect on the moisture inside the pipeline.



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