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NEW PRODUCT - Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier Stainless steel Coil

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PSMB (Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier) Stainless Steel coil is a protective film formed by hot pressing polysurlun film onto the surface of Stainless Steel coil through hot pressing. This film is closely adhered to the surface of Stainless Steel coil and is not easy to fall off. Polysurlyn film is a polyethylene and sarin polymer multilayer composite film with a total thickness of 76 microns.
Polysurlyn moisture barrier Stainless Steel coil can effectively help the metal protection layer of pipeline insulation materials in oil refineries (power plants and chemical plants) to prevent corrosion, because it has good metal adhesion, good air tightness and excellent anti-corrosion performance, and is an ideal material for pipeline anti-corrosion protection layer.

For Polysurlyn film
1. We confirm there is no more than 5 pinhole detections, collectively are detected in the 10 wetted test areas in accordance with ASTM C1729 - Pass criteria for moisture retarder.
2. We confirm that water vapor transmission rate of the moisture retarder will be less than 1.55g/m2/day.

Thickness of The PSMB Stainless Steel Coil we can produce is 0.2mm ~ 1.2mm

Material is SS304 and SS316



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