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Aluminum Coil Aluminum Roll with Kraft paper

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Zhaoyang brand - aluminum roll coated Kraft paper manufacturer, with a wide range of specifications, thickness range of 0.1-3.0mm, moisture resistant Kraft paper thickness of 0.01mm~0.015mm, and high strength bonding. zhaoyang Aluminum is a manufacturer of aluminum roll coated Kraft paper, and Kraft paper uses yellow Kraft paper imported from Australia. This Kraft paper has the advantages of good ductility, strong moisture resistance, etc

There are two processes to cover the surface of aluminum coil with Kraft paper:

1: Kraft paper, which is glued with glue, has the advantages of high production efficiency and timely delivery,

      The production cost is low, and Jinan zhaoyang Aluminum Industry can produce up to 30 tons per day.

      The disadvantage is that the Kraft paper surface is easy to produce bubbles due to temperature changes,

      affecting the bonding effect, and the outdoor storage time should not be too long. 

      And it is very easy to fall off, which affects the construction quality.

2: Kraft paper and aluminum roll are bonded together by heating. 

      This process is newly developed by zhaoyang Aluminum after six months of development.

      The advantage of this product is that its adhesion is very high, and it does not open or peel off after 24 hours of immersion testing. 

      The weather resistance is extremely high, and Kraft paper will not suffer from bad conditions due to temperature changes.

      The disadvantage is slow production efficiency and high production costs.

Commonly used materials include 1060 1050 3003 3A21 5052, status H14, H24, H16, H18, etc



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